Lindeman’s Bin 50 2016

We’re back to South Eastern Australia for this one, and it is an old favourite. It was bought from Tesco but it is widely available in the U.K. As new world wines go, this one has to feature on most lists of go to wines at a reasonable price because of it’s consistent quality – you definitely know what you are going to get up front, whatever the vintage. They take the grapes from a variety of sites to blend the wine to taste the same every time. This means that there will be no disappointments but also no pleasant surprises; no appreciable different one vintage to another. Wine for the masses – that said, I like it and have purchased it often.

Vintage: 2016

Price: I paid £6.00. Sometimes it is slightly less than that. Full price £7.00

£6.00 is a fair price – I don’t buy it at £7.00.

Country: Australia

Region: South Eastern. (H.Q. Victoria)

Alcohol %: 13.5

Colour: Ruby Red with some rusting at edges (maturing)

Nose: Black Cherries

Palate: Blackcurrant (Chewitts/ Ribena!)

Finish: Smooth – not long lived but pleasant.

Tesco say: 

  • The full bodied palate shows blackcurrant, plum and vanilla flavours supported within a soft tannin structure that makes this wine immediately approachable.


I like this one – I agree with Tesco that it is approachable and I would specifically buy it  when I am entertaining guests and we are having red meat, roasts and or strong or blue cheese. It stands up well to the cheese/meat and would have a wide appeal with the guests. It is a safe bet rather than a challenging wine – and that is sometimes what is called for.




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