Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2010.

This has to be one of the grand Marques of supermarket wine. It is the grandest of the four Campo Viejo wines generally available. At the bottom of the range are the Yellow Label wines of which there are two. One, a Grenache in a “Burgundy” style bottle and the other in a “Bordeaux” style bottle which is a Tempranillo. The next stage up is the orange bottle which is the Reserva – you might remember that I reviewed this one in 2016 after I bought in bulk and ended up with six free personalised shopping bags! This is the Gran Reserva!

It is a 2010 Rioja which is widely available around the supermarkets for about £15.00/bottle.

Grapes:   85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, 5% Mazuelo.

Vintage: 2010

Colour: Rusty red.

Nose: Blackcurrants/”Ribena”

Palate: Slight prunes, mature red fruits, particularly blackcurrants.

Finish: very pleasant – rounded – smooth – long(ish).

Campo Viejo say:

“Ruby red with a gold-tinged rim. Deep, vibrant colour.

A Complex nose. It retains the ripe red-berry fruit aromas of blackberries, blueberries, and block plums extraordinarily well. Gradually it opens up to reveal smoky, toasted wood nuances, with spices and hints of minerals and tobacco.

A Smooth mouth-feel, with sweet, polished tannins.

A long, elegant, perfumed finish with final hints of coffee with chocolate.”


Is it worth the money (bearing in mind that I am quite frugal!)?, let us just say that it is commonly on special offer in my local Tescos and Sainsburys so I generally buy at those times. You can still expect to pay £10.00+ but I would happily buy at that price.

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