About Uncorked Bottle.

Welcome to Uncorked Bottle – a site for wine enthusiasts like me. I only wish that my pocket matched the wines that I would like to be drinking but sadly it doesn’t, so I’ll mostly be discussing the wines that I can afford together with tips and tricks that I find along the way that I think will be helpful to you as well as me.

I am no expert and I hope to learn at least as much from you as you do from me and this site. In the dim and distant past, I worked as a manager for Victoria Wines and as part of the preparation for managing my own branch, I was put through the Wines and Spirits Education Trust Exam (WSET) – WSET site  They have changed the exams somewhat, mine was equivalent to a level 2 – they offer a number of levels now. I left the “Wine Trade” in 1993 but I have been keeping up my research ever since with frequent trips to wine shops and supermarkets; topped up with occasional trips to France (and we are going again this year!!!)

I am now a photographer, having spent many years Nursing – this is just a hobby blog but I hope that it will be interactive.

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