Cuvée Prestige Vin de France.

This sort of wine doesn’t usually get a review I would imagine as it would normally fall below the radar; regarded as not worthy, but I think that it deserves a mention. I think that wines should suit the occasion and the occasion that this wine suits is when you want something ordinary and low(ish) in alcohol “on a school night” – this is a wine for occasions when there is no special occasion. It is good for having with food or snacks – sort of a glorified “Vin de Table” – it is pleasant, it is drinkable  and at £4.80 it is value for money and affordable even when it is not a special occasion:-

Cuvee Prestige VDF

Cuvée Presige Vin de France.

Price: £4.80

Retail Source: Tesco (Bottled for Tesco)

Vintage: Non – Vintage.

Winemaker: Marie Julian

Producer: Val D’orbieu

Bottled at: Jardin du Languedoc

Alcohol content %:11.5 (ABV)

Grape varieties: Val D’orbieu is Frances biggest still wine co-operatives with over 2500 members – A mixed blend for consistent results – most likely predominately the grapes of the Languedoc – Carignan, Mouvèdre, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cinsaut – I guess!

Region: Maureillian, Languedoc, France.

Colour:  Deep red with a very slight brick red.

Bouquet/nose/smell: “Rhubarb and Custard sweets!” – then red berries.

Taste/Palate: Ripe Cherries/Plums, soft light tannins, smooth.

Finish: Soft smooth fruity finish of medium longevity.

Remarks: This is the sort of wine and wine price bracket that I would have normally walked past – after all, you get what you pay for with wine, right? Most of the price of the wine goes to the exchequer/Taxman, right? Well, a little while ago I was out to source wines that we a little lighter in alcohol than my usual Aussie or French reds (- which are getting stronger by the way – Global warming?) and I took a chance on this one. I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a nice if not great wine for easy, “everyday” drinking (- no, I don’t drink wine everyday but you know what I mean!) It is well worth the £4.80 that Tesco charge for it, for when it is not a special occasion 😉

Cheap and cheerful!

To see what Tesco say about it.



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