Peter Lehmann Portrait Dry Riesling 2015.

I must have known that we were going to be in for some hot weather – it has been uncommonly warm here with temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees Celsius in some parts of Britain because when seeking to find a suitably refreshing wine, I remembered that I had bought this Peter Lehmann Portrait Dry Riesling 2015 on that now well documented trip to Majestic:-

Lehman Riesling

I have experienced an earlier vintage of this “marque” a few years ago. In common with other Australian Riesling it was dry, citrussy, light and refreshing. This 2015 version lived up to my expectations and it was just what was needed in the heat!

Peter Lehmann Portrait Dry Riesling.

Price:£7.99 (with six bottle + discount – Full price £8.99)

Bought at: Majestic Wines


Vintage: 2015

Area/Region/Country: Eden Valley, Tanunda, Barossa, South Australia.

Alcohol content: 11% (ABV)

Colour:Very pale yellow.

Nose/smell/bouquet: Vanilla, Oak, Gooseberries

Taste/palate:Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus with mouth watering acidity – fresh

Finish: Very dry and refreshing on the palate

Comments: A very dry and refreshing wine which was perfect for the end of a warm day. Served chilled, it can be drank on it’s own, as an aperitif or is particularly suited to oily fish and shellfish – being able to hold it’s own when paired with these foods due to the acidity cutting through (wine tip from Majestic). I just found it to be a very pleasant mouthful and if I was looking for this style of wine, Peter Lehmann Portrait Dry Riesling would be at the top of my list at £7.99/bottle.

Peter Lehmann Portrait Dry Riesling



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