Campo Viejo Reserva offer.

I have to tell you about this. Campo Viejo the Rioja people have a special offer at the moment – buy 2 bottles of their Reserva 2011- from the “Art Series” with neck collars and they will send you a customised Tote bag for free – not even plus postage and packing. CR reserva

Sainsbury have a special offer on the price too – £7.75 per bottle – which is slightly cheaper than usual plus, if you buy 6+ you will get 25% off which works out at £5.81 per bottle (approx). I bought 12 bottles because I really like it which means that I have six tote bags coming my way – each with a different picture and each with a different “inscription” – this one says “”:-

Tote bag

All that you have to do is enter the unique numbers from each of two neck collars into the web-site address listed on each collar, give them your details – well they have to know where to send it, and click submit – it’s as simple as that.

You have until the 31st July to redeem the offer – I think that it will be a popular offer so don’t wait too long!

***Update — Campo Viejo took a while to send these out. I ordered six in early June (I still haven’t drunk all twelve bottles as it is too good to hurry – but, I received one after about ten weeks and then I had to jog their memory – I sent them a tweet directly and retweeted my original tweet about this blog post with the addition that I was disappointed that I was still waiting for five of the six, and I knew that I wasn’t the only one! They replied within a few days and I got all of my bags within a week or so (mid October). They also have a page on Facebook, a simple search finds them but if you are not happy using social media to contact them, try the following address:-

Pernod Ricard UK Ltd.,
Building 12,
Chiswick Park,
566, Chiswick High Road,
W4 5AN
Mentioning that it is about the Campo Viejo Bag offer.

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7 Responses to Campo Viejo Reserva offer.

  1. The Wine Culturist says:

    Nice! I love the bag.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rose says:

    been waiting since 8th July to receive mine. Doubt it’s coming now 👎🏻


  3. Simon says:

    Am waiting on the 3 I sent in for – was starting think I had imagined it until finding this thread !


  4. I have received all six now after sending them a tweet on twitter.


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