Hello, my name is Paul

Hello everybody, my name is Paul and I would like to welcome you to my new venture “The Uncorked Bottle”. It is a blog about wine – one of my favourite subjects in all the world. The other favourite subject is photography and I have been publishing on my Photography Blog for some time but the love of wine keeps creeping back into my conciousness so I thought that I would write about that as well. I hope to engage with like minded wine lovers through this page, so don’t be afraid to be interactive – I will be posting a wide range of wine related stuff from the web and other media including trivia, information, jokes, reviews of what my wife and I have been drinking – I will be posting things about fine wines but unfortunately my pocket doesn’t match my taste so the reviews will be of the more modestly priced wines.

Today I shall start with some (I think) useful infographics which I found on the internet (Pinterest) just to “get the bottle open”:-


This one gives clues as to the character of certain wines with suggestions about which food it might go with. These things are mighty subjective of course – you will have to try the suggestions out for yourself 😉


This infographic tackles the subject from a slightly different angle (Originating from the Grape and Grain Co.)


It is nice to make your acquaintance – do stop by again soon.

About paulcullenphotography

My life revolves around photography; Landscapes, Portraits and other social photography, flowers and macro photography are all areas that interest me. I have had several photographs published I have just become a professional photographer. Website: www.paulcullenphotography.com Flickr: paul2210 Photography Blog: paulcullenphotography.co.uk Wine Blog: uncorkedbottle.uk Twitter: @PaulCullenphoto
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