The 11 things you need to know about wine from Alsace

I have long been a fan of Alsation Gewurztraminer and I know that their Riesling and Pinot Gris is beyond reproach but I don’t know of many people who have tried any of these wines unless I have introduced them to it. Here is a great guide from the Wine Wankers to all that you need to know about the Wines of Alsace and the culture of the land from which it comes and I would urge every lover of wine to seek out the wines of Alsace.

The Wine Wankers

I was originally going to call this article – ‘Alsace wine region needs to get on Tinder!’  Crazy title, but after visiting Alsace in June, I observed a lack confidence.  The winemakers knew their wines were world class, but wondered if the rest of the world realised that too?  As I tell all my hot friends who are going through a dry spell; ‘get on Tinder, and flaunt yourself to the world!’

Confidence restored!

drew alsace Wine Wanker Drew shows his love for Alsace Riesling at Milesime Alsace!

For the past two decades Alsace wine producers have been seriously lifting their game, and it’s my job to flaunt their wines to you.  Forget those preconceived ideas – Alsace is no longer a quaint wine region serving unbalanced, sulphur-heavy, sweet wines in silly little green glasses.  So let’s dive head first and start some wine re-calibration…

  1. Where the heck is Alsace and why…

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