Beaujolais from Tesco.

I went out in search of something light in taste and alcohol content and preferably, inexpensive (cheap has such negative connotations). I came back with this amongst others:-


Tesco Beaujolais – at £4.50 my expectation was that it it would be a pleasant ordinary wine and in many ways it was, but the lesson here is that you should “never judge a book by it’s cover” because with the simple label and no stated vintage you could easily pass this one by; that would be a mistake if all you want is easy drinking as it out shines many of the slightly more expensive bottles on the shelf. Well worth the money.

Beaujolais appellation d’origine protegee from Alliance de Vignerons Bourgogne Beaujolais.

No stated vintage.

Grape: 100% Gamay

Alcohol (%) 12.5

Price: £4.50

Taste category: B – soft and fruity.

Colour: red/purple

Smell/Bouquet: Tesco say red currents but it reminded us of fig rolls

Taste: We were reminded of strawberries, cherries and plums – Tesco say red berries – very soft and pleasant.

Finish:- sweetish, long and delicate.

Link to Tesco Beaujolais page.

Very pleasant wine and well worth the money. If it is excellence that you are looking for then you are on the wrong shelf or even in the wrong shop – no disrespect to Tesco, but if you are looking for good everyday value then you would do well with this wine.

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