Drink up! Hard truths about ageing wine

The wines that you buy in the supermarket are generally “ready to drink now” but what if you were to seek out wines from independent, perhaps smaller producers? The is often confusion about whether your wine purchase will benefit from cellaring – whether it will improve or deteriorate. This is a great guide to which wines are likely to improve with age and those which are more vibrant in their youth.


Now we’re not committing any more heinous wine storage crimes it’s time to talk about which wines you should and shouldn’t be keeping. This is a topic which constantly comes up when I host wine tastings. The questions usually go something like this:

  • “Does wine always improve with age?”
  • “Is it dangerous to drink aged wine?”
  • “Are aged wines better than young wines?”
  • “How long can you age wine for?”
  • “But you can only age really expensive wines, right?”
  • “So how do you know which wines to age?”

As these questions prove, ageing wine is a topic full of myths, fallacies and misunderstandings. Do not despair. Here’s the first part of my efforts to guide you on your way to ageing like a pro. It all boils down to this basic principle:

So now we’ve got that sorted, let’s talk about ageing wine…

Why do we age wine?

Unlike those…

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  1. Jill Barth says:

    Love the Wine Culturist. Cheers!


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