Saint-Émilion, Message in a Bottle

A very interesting account of how St. Emilion, one of my favourite places in France and amongst my favourite wines, came about; it’s history and what makes it great today.


This story tells how the history of Saint-Émilion, the UNESCO World Heritage wine region located in Bordeaux France, provides travel inspiration.

st emilion

The History of Saint-Émilion

In the 8th century a monk from Brittany fledsouth on his way to Compostelle for protection from persecution for his faith. Not an easy journey, the monk delayed along the way to rest and hide in a cave near the Dordogne River where he attractedhigh admiration fromarea citizens as he was said to have performed miracles. Other monks began to approach him, and the energy and influence of his presence grew. After his death and eventual canonization, religious sites were erected in his name; perhaps the most famous is the Monolithic Church of Saint-Émilion .

Saint Émilion–a monk whose name represents heritage, faith, integrity and history — had settled himself in an area where vines grew plentiful. The vineyards were first established by the Romans…

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  1. Great article and pictures! We live in Napa valley so we are used to the beauty, but there is just something about that region that is so special. Thanks for sharing. Check out our California wine country blog at and follow us if you like what you see.


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